Yes, I’m a Conservative Real Estate Agent, and a darn good one.  My business is not about politics and I don’t share my views unless first asked.   But really my business is about offering an alternative and hopefully starting a trend for supporting likeminded Conservatives who wish to preserve capitalism, free enterprise, and the tenants of business that made us the greatest nation on earth.  If a person or business decides that they don’t want to bake a wedding cake for a Conservative, so be it.  That business shouldn’t be publicly humiliated, vandalized, criminalized or driven out of business; which is how the Left reacts.  We don’t vandalize, riot, burn flags or block Shea.  We don’t impugn the wealthy, but encourage those around us to strive to be the best.  I’m not fooled by progressivism aka. Socialism.  I believe in the concepts that allow us to take risks which produce winners and losers rather than victims and evil wealthy people.  I assist my clients in utilizing their freedom to maximize their wealth through open markets.

I’m a talented real estate agent that happens to have Conservative values and that isn’t afraid to tell the world about it.  It’s risky and I know it.  I do care how you vote; yet I treat all customers (left and right) with the utmost care and professionalism.  For me it’s about helping you buy the best home your budget will allow.  If you’re selling, it’s about helping you maximize the return on your investment.  Capitalism and Free Enterprise will only work if and only if we police ourselves, but never to the extent of inappropriate political discussions or discrimination. Today you have a choice, so why would you support an agent that donates to or other liberal causes when you can work with a Conservative who supports causes common to us both and are the best for our country.

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