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My name is John Van, and I have been a professional full-time real estate agent in Arizona for over 12 years.   For the 20 + years prior, I was a very active real estate investor, business owner and Fortune 500 management executive.  I have survived every market swell and lull, by operating in the best interest of my clients which has in turn been my source of referral business. I have conservative values on politics, economics, business, and many social issues.  I believe that if a transactions isn’t beneficial to all parties, then it is not one that I will partake in. I wish we could still do business on a handshake, because my word is everything and I selectively work with clients whose ethics, not political views, are commensurate with mine. I am not afraid to wear my politics on my sleeve.  For too long good people have been silent under the auspices of political correctness and as a result, we have allowed the inmates to run the jail. It’s time to take our country back.

I have strong a belief in capitalism and free markets. This great nation was built on these founding principles and contrary to what some would lead you to believe, the Constitution is not a living or breathing document. I believe that our nation is adrift because we have abandoned our first principles of progress and the unfettered ability to pursue the highest and best for our lives. When one entrepreneur does well, all those associated with him or her will also partake in the benefits as well. I have never been hired by a poor person nor have I ever seen a government create cost effective jobs or encourage people to succeed. 14203315_178585322564757_9048869498496060312_n

This is one of the reasons that I had become a Realtor. Real estate is a career for the entrepreneur who will only get out of his hard work what he put into it. Real estate is a profession that gives me the latitude to pick and choose my clients, vendors and contractors.

Real estate allows me to reach for the stars and in doing so, have a positive impact on society. Adam Smith once said that man’s greed in the long run is to the benefit of society. To paraphrase him “when the tide rises, all boats rise as well”.   What Smith called greed would better be interpreted as the pursuit of excellence.  But in his day there were no democracies there were the greedy aristocracy and the peasants or commoners. So his language has been used as an attack on capitalism.

Working with me, you can expect a straight shooter, and someone who will not put you in a transaction for his personal gain or at the cost of someone else. You won’t get a sermon on politics or economics but you now know where I most proudly stand on these weighty issues of life and business.

I enjoy many things other than real estate.  True I am a life-long student and enjoy studying issues pertaining to politics, supply-side economics and other academic issues. I also enjoy listening to the EIB network, talk radio, motorcycles, classic cars, investing, hiking, travel, wine, boating, waterskiing and wakeboarding, hanging on a beach and just being a bum 🙂 Life is too short to let one minute go by where we aren’t appreciating the world we live in, the great country we’ve been blessed with; or working on preserving the same or even better future for the next generation that the former generation fought to preserve for us.

Life should be lived to its fullest and we have a mandate to do so! Enjoy every day that you are alive and have your health, all work and no play will shorten your days on this earth; I never read a head stone that said “I wish I spent more time at the office.

If you appreciate my values, and need real estate services, consider using me as your agent.   Call me at 602.403.7799 or email me through the form below.  By the way, have you heard about The Conservative Business Directory?  Check it out by clicking on the red link.  Isn’t it time we started supporting those who share our beliefs?


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